What we do.

Put on some of the best shows in Bristol & Manchester, if you like UK rap there isn't many better places to find it. From headliners to the guys you need to know about, only the BEST are performing. Blue Room Mafia, Sam Wise, Black Josh, El Londo, Ashbeck, Ayrtn & Stella Beats are just a few to name, have a look at some of our previous shows around the site and see what we're about.

Our artwork is done by the fantastic Elena Maglione, Nadia Kawafi & Dylan Woodall. Photo credits can be found on the page of each event or in the gallery.

Big Shoutout to Evan Bolduc, Tijani Elhassan, Joe Rangecroft, Tom Reeves & the UKUR boys for always lending a hand.

Drop us a line if you wanna get to know more about Next Up. Hit us @

eventsnextup@gmail.com / socials: @eventsnextup


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